Best Marketing Bloggers in 2015


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What to read to be up to date? Where to look for inspiration? What to keep in order not to have shortcomings? Nowadays, besides the paper editions, which fortunately still do not go away, it is worthwhile to follow blogs, especially the best ones.

Best blogs… so which one?

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History of social media


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We live in times when social media is very common in our lives. We have long since ceased to wonder how it all started. It turns out that their story is not as short as it may seem. In addition, everything seems to indicate that the real revolution can still be ahead of us.

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SEO – you can do it!


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In my opinion, it is not true that a single person without a backdrop is not able to position his or her own side. Well, it is possible to do it alone. And this does not apply only to the lightest slogans like “sheep grazing in the Bieszczady Mountains”, but it also affects phrases that are considered moderately difficult and sometimes difficult.
Positioning, as has been said many times, is not just setting the phrase in google. It’s rather the whole process of website promotion; But first of all, improving the position of the search engines (which would not write without a good place in the search engines even for light phrases is hard.

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