Marketing Trends in 2016

Src: Cornecoba - In 2016 we will first see the development of 360 ° video technology. The growing popularity of such movie viewing sets (Cardboard, Samsung Gear ...) will make some brands start producing content in this format. Facebook and YouTube allow 360 ° content and YouTube will soon introduce 360 ° + 3D …

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Merry Christmas !

Src: Vvstudio - The long pre-Christmas week finally came to an end. Corporate Christmas eve completed. Last emails sent, phones made, invoices cleared, and projects "parked" on computer disks. Holidays lurk around the corner. Tomorrow we will share the wafer with our closest friends, and today I would like to submit to all the Readers …

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The biggest social media blunder in 2015

Src: Freepik The post was made to stupefy stupidity. Look, have fun and break hands together over what the social media specialists have been thinking about in the past 2015. Get to the end because it's really worth it. Blackberry Incredible faux pas was committed by the employees of Blackberry, who one day decided to tweet. It …

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