What Experts Are Saying About Snapchat


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What is Snapchat?, how it works?, what threats it has?, how to use it?, and why it’s the disappearing images that fascinated and attracted more than 100 million Internet users?. If you start with Snapchat and have many questions of this type, theny you are in right place.

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Christian Gray – what can you learn?


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Love, lust, BDSM? Biting lips, squinting, sighing? Forget it Grey’s 50 faces talk about something completely different: a new type of consumer – emotional, intrinsically contradictory and active. That’s why the book was a success. This is neither the first soft porn addressed to women, nor the most bold nor the most original, but the best description of the new consumption model. See how to use this lesson to grow your business.

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5 errors in Content Marketing that can be avoided by automation

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Before the new year goes well and we forget about the New Year’s resolutions, let’s add another one that we will stick with. Let’s fix some of the mistakes that most often happen in content marketing.

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