Happy Easter

Erc: Freepik.com All readers of my blog - wish you very successful Easter. Take a break from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the spring sunshine (hopefully the weather is good) and do not overdo the Easter table. 🙂 Oh, and of course the very effective holiday email marketing campaigns. 🙂 This wish you all the marketing …

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10 years of Twitter

Src:Artmonkey - Freepik.com Since Twitter appeared on the web, communication has changed primarily. It is here that we can not only talk with friends, journalists, politicians or people in our industry, but also get information on what is going on here and now. Below you will find a handful of information about Twitter - history, distinctions, …

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How women use the internet?

Src: Freepik We celebrate today's Women's Day, so I decided to look a bit closer to the behavior of women on the Internet. The truth of the world is that women pay attention to other elements such as a web page than men. What is different about us and how can we use it to …

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