How women use the internet?


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We celebrate today’s Women’s Day, so I decided to look a bit closer to the behavior of women on the Internet. The truth of the world is that women pay attention to other elements such as a web page than men. What is different about us and how can we use it to increase sales? I checked!

How is a woman-consumer?

At one of the WebWomen Wanted conferences, there are three types of e-consumer:

– Creators – These are women who are actively involved in what is happening online. They are happy to share their opinions on the internet, but they are also looking for reviews related to the products they are interested in.
– Consumers – like the creators, they also like to use the internet. Less often, however, leave feedback. For them the most important are issues such as purchase condition, delivery, product prices, etc.
– Observers – the internet treats mainly as a source of entertainment and a way of spending free time.

Women over the age of 45 are more likely to use smartphones, but they still dominate the computers they use to finalize purchases.

This information is extremely valuable, especially for campaign optimization, for example on Facebook or Google AdWords. This is mainly about the campaign schedule and the places where the ads appear (mobile, desktop). You can get a lot of data by looking at Google Analytics statistics. The demographic report will show you:

Who visits your site more often – women or men?
At what age are your customers?
In the Audience section you will also find important information about the percentage of traffic that comes from mobile devices.

Marketing dedicated to women

In the case of beautiful sex, it is worth taking care of two elements: information transfer and relationship building. The conclusions of many studies show that women perceive much more than men and more deeply delve into published content. Therefore, online shops or websites must take care of every detail associated with appearance and functionality.

Women pay attention to the pictures on the site, but focus on the text describing the product. Men attach more attention to the photo than to the product description.

In the Internet shop, whose main customers are mainly women should find themselves:

– pictures on the left, which attention to detail on the product text,
– product description – its price, availability, cost, payment methods and delivery time,
– Feedback from other customers up to 70% improve conversion rate.

It is worth every product to take care of the place to review it, and also add social plugins such as Facebook or Instagram

Important items in the shop www

Given the fact that women pay special attention to the information provided on the store’s website, such as ordering and return terms. It is worth to prepare a visible sub page, which will be the rules of the bold most important information about delivery or returns. Take care of social plugins and review / review section. Social media assists other sources of orders and increases them by as much as 40%. Having a feedback tool directly on the site is already a kind of “must have”. Using branding tools is also one of the basic elements of a marketing strategy for women.

E-consumers are also more aware of their choices because they prefer to watch the product before buying. It’s for them to create showrooms where you can touch and see every product that is in the online store. They also pay attention to the security of payment and the guarantee for ordered products.

Stay in touch

It is not known today that women like to talk not only offline, but also online. Appreciate open to the brand dialog that answers their questions, dispel doubts, or respond to the difficulties encountered in placing an order. Women often use social media, especially Facebook. It’s a good place to build relationships with your customers. I also notice this on the profiles of my clients. Women are more likely to return to the fanpage, comment and add feedback.

Corporate profiles on Facebook or other social media will be used to collect shop and product information. Consumers will certainly come back with feedback or comments, but they will also report a bug in the system.

By running a profile, you can gain! The activities in social media affect direct sales and assisted conversions.


Creating a website, communicating in social media or creating dedicated ads for women are key factors in the optimization process focused on increasing sales. Marketing to women is really important because they are the target group of many industries.

And you, what do you think about woman in Internet, have you experiences with your customers?


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