10 years of Twitter


Src:Artmonkey – Freepik.com

Since Twitter appeared on the web, communication has changed primarily. It is here that we can not only talk with friends, journalists, politicians or people in our industry, but also get information on what is going on here and now. Below you will find a handful of information about Twitter – history, distinctions, changes – I invite you to read more!

As you may have guessed, Twitter has changed and evolved over the decade. It is worth to check out how it was at the beginning, and it was like this:


Src: dayintechhistory.com

Then there was not really Twitter yet, and Twttr. In addition, in retrospect, we can say that design was not encouraging, but remember – it was 10 years ago! Check out your photos from the decade, and you’ve definitely changed. I looked through my comments, I could add only the hashtag #OMG. We were younger and the fashion was different from the one we have now. Trends in the web have also changed, but many elements have remained unchanged.

Where did 140 characters come from?

Twitter is definitely a channel where less, means more. 140 characters is the maximum of what we can write in a single post. There is also the option to add a photo, GIF or a link – to your choice, to color! Where did 140 characters come from? Probably because at the beginning, tweets could be added also by sending SMS messages, and here as we know – the limitation has always existed.

Did you know that the idea was to increase the limit on Twitter to 10,000 characters? Many Internet users strongly opposed this. No wonder, this channel would lose one of its flagship features. Can you imagine your timeline full of long entries? I absolutely did not! Especially with Twitter, I mostly use a smartphone whose screen is limited. The content would get lost and I could miss the interesting, interesting or surprising things.

Hashtagi – #LoveTwitter

It is difficult to imagine Twitter without hashtags, which has become another distinguishing feature. On the occasion of the decade, #LoveTwitter was in the trend. If you want to know how they celebrated others, just follow the posts tagged with the said hashtag. You will find there tweet from the official Twitter account along with a video summarizing the past years.

The star? Now it is heart

On Twitter you can write something from yourself or “give away” content published by others. If any of the entries particularly suited to your liking, you can … “like”. Once it was enough to click on the star, now it is heart. This seemingly cosmetic change triggered a really lively discussion in November 2015.
I wrote about the apparent change not accidentally! The stars were somehow typed in the story of Twitter, they were different from Facebook’s likes and hearts on Instagram or Vine. This change was intended to make it easier to use the spider. Did this actually happen? I’m not convinced, but I’m used to heart.

Success and development

Have you ever heard the saying that history goes round? This is a perfect summary of the changing Twitter CEO, which has so far been four: Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Dick Costolo, and now … again is Jack Dorsey. I’ll just remind you that he’s the first tweet ever published.

Today, Twitter has become not only a communication channel, but primarily a source of information. The strong accent in which Twitter came into existence was the attacks in Paris. Before the television stations gave the information, they knew about familiar and less familiar people. After the tragic events, there was also the #PrayForParis hashtag, used by all those who mourned and relayed their solidarity and support to everyone affected by these events.

There is also a “brighter” side when we look at relationships such as the Oscars. Last year will certainly go down in history. All this is because of this entry and selfie:


Foto: Twitter.com/TheEllenShow


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