Social media – when publish?



Among the administrators of brand accounts in social media is still popular is the strategy of “coffee, post, let’s have it from the head.”

It has been clarified that each brand should set individual hours for publishing entries depending on the nature of the industry in which it operates and consumer habits. All because the hour of publication of the post is inextricably linked to the amount of activity it causes. Since different webmasters use social medias at different times, it is important to diversify the time of adding entries so that as many users can see these entries.

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5 principles – effective graphics in social media


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Tell me, how much attention do you scroll your board on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest? Of course, every channel is governed by its laws, which means that it requires a lot of attention from us (after all, Instagram does not read as much on Twitter). In my opinion this remark is quite sketchy, and it is very easy for our images to be merged into other people’s posts or simply not remembered. Therefore, it is worth to take care of their recognizable form and consistency. Not by chance in the post of brands we will find in the pictures logotypes, specific colors or packshots.

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What is bounce rate and how to interpret it?



You start your business in the virtual world. You put a page, a shop, a blog. You want to have excellent results. You apply for help to an interactive agency or you conduct activities on your own. Your website is already linked to Google Analytics. Excellently! And now it’s time for a common sense approach to the factors that determine the quality of data collected by the most popular analytical tool. Let’s overexpose the bounce rate!

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Not acceptable for blogger


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Can working with a blogger be difficult? It turns out that yes – even in spite of the best wishes, there are often unsuccessful cases. Suggestions for entries – barter, claim or sending ready-to-publish texts: These are just some of the reasons why bloggers reject advertisers. Today a few words about how to avoid mistakes in communication with bloggers and to establish successful cooperation.

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