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Can working with a blogger be difficult? It turns out that yes – even in spite of the best wishes, there are often unsuccessful cases. Suggestions for entries – barter, claim or sending ready-to-publish texts: These are just some of the reasons why bloggers reject advertisers. Today a few words about how to avoid mistakes in communication with bloggers and to establish successful cooperation.

If you keep track of my posts, you know very well that working with online authors with makes sense and pays off. Bloger and vloger are influential, opinion-forming, creative and have good advertising potential. Having a brand ambassador in the form of such an influencer is a way to reach your target audience precisely and find a new one. The blogging campaign is more effective than traditional advertising. There are still many advantages of such cooperation and definitely worth taking, but often the brands underestimate the potential and strength of bloggers.

Why is this happening? There are many reasons – advertisers are not fully aware of modern marketing, they limit their budgets or offer products completely unrelated to the subject of the blog. They make mistakes in communication through which collaboration with bloggers is either rejected or unsuccessful.

Today’s blogging campaign is a must-have for brand strategy. What offers do bloggers reject …?

1. Product mismatched to the blogger

Before suggesting the author of his products, check out the blog’s topic. Meet the creator, his passions and likes – not matching his lifestyle, you will not be able to make a successful collaboration. What is interesting, what is important to him and who are his readers? Where does the event take place? Think about these issues and then choose the blogger that best suits your products.
Niche blogs like those devoted to politics, education, culture and business do not have too much advertising potential and their creators find it difficult to offer cost-effective collaboration. Make better contact with fashion, lifestyle, marketing, or beauty bloggers – thanks to which your brand can attract an ambassador who will be associated with it. It is important, however, for the product to fit into its world. If a blogger participates in marathons and leads an active lifestyle, then it is unlikely to work together for sweets – unless they are healthy, without chemistry and artificiality.
Blogging vegan will gladly support actions against wearing fur, but will not necessarily be interested in socks – suggest it rather ecological products or natural cosmetics. “Pressing” the product is not working – if the author is going to do every co-operation, his blog will become a real advertising post, in addition very inconsistent image. You do not necessarily have to hit the biggest names in the industry – sometimes it’s a good idea to work with some lesser-known bloggers, but prepare more publications.

2. Cooperation for barter

Blogging is also a job! Valuable publishing on the Internet requires some time and commitment, but many brands do not see it in the profit category – why should they still have to pay for this collaboration? After sending the sample and their products (often expensive!), The barter should suffice. Free collaboration, “sample entries” or underpriced rates? No one serious blogger will engage in such action. Remember that every cooperation is based on reciprocity. A blogging campaign is designed to bring benefits not only to your brand – it also wants to win something. Everyone wants to be appreciated for their work and treated with respect

3. Only positive feedback

Imagine this situation: You offer an influencer product to test, you praise its advantages and you want a similar opinion to appear on the web. The author uses, checks it in all possible aspects, but the effect is not satisfactory – the blog appears with a sincere but not very positive review. The product was not presented in good light. Negative feedback on the products or services of a particular brand is the risk associated with working with bloggers and every advertiser should know about this. Authors want to test the products in many aspects – they are not interested in publishing ready-made brand materials because they lose their authenticity and network position. If bloggers can not express themselves sincerely, they take it as a must to publish only favorable opinions, and this is against the idea of testing. The product can pass it or not. At the beginning, it is worth learning how the influencer sees co-operation and how he wants to carry out campaigns, or just about product or testing it. If the product is good and we know it will work out well, it is worth to make a test, because it creates good independent opinions, which will reach many people.
4. Banner advertising – the basis of cooperation

How to work well with a blogger? I suggest: creative! If you’re only expecting banner ads from him, you’re not going to get much done – a modern blogger campaign is a social media campaign, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The most important feature of current marketing communications is its multidimensional nature; Includes a variety of tools to help you publish unique content. Boring, no-nonsense cooperation is not a challenge for the blogger, so without a moment of reflection will reject it. Reviews and contests are not the only possible form of campaign: often the authors themselves have many interesting ideas for unusual activities, so it is worth listening to their intuition. Bloggers are well aware of how to reach their target audience and engage their audience – they use Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube or Vine. It is worth to see that potential and use it!

I hope I help a little and now you are ready to find your influencer without problems. If you looking for, maybe i can help with article How to find an influencer? – Platforms for collaboration with influencers?

and… good luck


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