How to find an influencer? – Platforms for collaboration with influencers


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It has been said that bloggers have bad PR. Vlogs are for teens. Instagrams or snapshots are kids scouring the web. But what about influencers? People who influence the reception of content on the web and can help your marketing?

You can not read blogs, do not watch vlogs and pics on Instagram. But you can use people who can use these channels. Together with them create great marketing. Action with Influencers – influential people who can support your company’s marketing. No matter if they are on blogs or vlogs – their impact on Internet users is important.

Who is influencer?

Influencer in a nutshell we can determine the influential person who has the ability to influence the decision or opinion of others. Such an influencer definition is, however, a somewhat embarrassing concept. In practice, each of us has the ability to influence a person’s decision. In a much broader context influencer not only influences but also has relations with mass audiences who strongly identify with him, and he expresses the opinion that he is capable of expressing the community around him. Alternatively we can identify such person as a leader or leader of the opinion. So let’s assume the influencer should be the person who owns the blog, vlogs, Youtub, Snapshots, or other Social Media accounts, and can influence at least a few hundred people. 

Buuuutttt… Before you find right web and there right influencer, maybe also would you like to read about what is not acceptable for blogger, when you want make contract with him … I wrote about this topic HERE.

1. BrandBacker

Platforms supported: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram


foto:  BrandBacker

2. Content BLVD

Platforms supported: YouTube


foto: Content BLVD

3. FameBit

Platforms supported: YouTube, Instagram


foto: FameBit

4. Revfluence

Platforms Supported: YouTube, Instagram


foto: Revfluence

5. Influenster

Platforms supported: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+


foto: Influenster

6. Izea
Platforms Supported: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat
foto: Izea
Platforms Supported: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Instagram, Vine, Snapchat
Platforms Supported: Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest
Platforms Supported: YouTube
Platforms Supported: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr


Influence range. How to measure them

The coverage tells us how many users have reached and how many times the content has been displayed. The more popular influencer, the greater the reach. To accurately assess it, we will need tools. One of the more popular is Sotrender or NapoleonCat. The reach of a blogger will also depend on how much content he publishes will engage his community. We have enough information such as the number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers and the number of views and unique visitors on the website or blog (Google Analytics). Influencers increasingly brag about themselves.

Become an Influencer!

Why not? 🙂 People who build their position in the blogosphere will find it very difficult to reach such ranges overnight. Beginner Influencers at the start of their blogging should focus on regular posts on their website or vlog footage. Certainly, with the effort paid, the reach of blogs or channels in social media will continue to grow. Everybody has the chance to become a blogosphere and become an Influencer for happiness!


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