7 Things About Key Words Your Kids Don’t Want You to Know


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Key phrases – bloggers like me do not sleep at night to select the most optimal phrases. We know not from today that well-chosen key words can turn your web site high into search engines. Understanding the properties and meaning can help you to better select key words. In today’s article I will explaine  7 types of key phrases. Are you sitting comfortably ? Coffee ready? Here we go…

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bla bla bla. Social media marketing


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     The precise definition of social media is difficult to pin down, but it is stated that this is the use of new technologies and social networks for promotion purposes. Marketing in social media is about disseminating information to all possible ways online, including So that the product brand becomes recognizable. It should be added that marketing in social media can also be used by non-governmental organizations to promote eg social activities. In 2007, Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein distinguished and defined the concept of social media and user-generated content and Web 2.0. (1)

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bla bla bla. Internet as a marketing promotion channel


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The Internet is understood as a global computer network that connects local networks, supports TCP / IP communication protocols, has standardized addressing and naming policies for networked computers, and information sharing protocols.

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