5 news from Facebook


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Stories, new Camera, support for fundraising and location sharing – how are the new features that this week announced Facebook? Check yourself.

Facebook is constantly working on new features for its applications. In addition to blurring sensitive content on Instragram – an app that bought Facebook in 2012, five new features were officially announced.

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Marketing analysis – what contain and most common mistakes


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What are the guidelines for choosing marketing activities? Put on intuition and count on “it must go” (and if not, it will come up with something else, the budget will find). And maybe imitate the competition and thus use the ripped paths (the better it went, then we will do the same, but two three times better). You can also approach the whole topic very pragmatically preceding the decision analysis. Personally, I am a follower of the last method.


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Hashtag – what is this?


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The fact that today hashtag is one of the most popular characters in the world, everyone knows everyone already. The power of the hashtag is used by major brands. And besides, the symbol itself has become a daily bread in communication. If you do not use the sign every day, it’s time to learn a little more about it.

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bla bla bla – Content marketing (CM)


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Content marketing (CM) offers an effective way to reach customers directly interested in your business. It acts as marketing, which catches the attention of the consumer who is looking for information on a given topic. These are often important, absorbing, informative information. (1)

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5 Things Your Boss Expects You Know About Site Positioning


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Positioning websites all the time is one of the main elements of promoting your business on the web. If it is well done, it can achieve measurable benefits for the brand. About what is the positioning of pages and how to properly execute them, we wrote on the blog more than once. Today we will focus on what are the advantages of the positioning of pages that is made in the correct.

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bla bla bla – Search Engine Optymization (SEO)


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      With the emergence of first search engines and web pages, the process of positioning the pages began. The positioning and optimization process comes from the English words Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is an advertising activity that results in the highest position of a page for a search word or a sentence in a list of pages found by a search engine crawler. (1) 

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