Emoticons – Use in marketing

  Src: Freepik Emoticons can play a key role in cementing online relationships; Through them, people can communicate emotions whose imitation deepens their relationships as in real interactions. History In 1982, Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mallon University proposed a colon, dash and parentheses as a way to express the emotional meaning of the text. Where did …

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Bla bla bla – Website

  Src: designed by GraphiqaStock - Freepik.com The most popular and most commonly used form of advertising is the website. The website is a hypertext, multimedia document. Page generation takes place via Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), or XML (Extensible Markup Language). For a modern company, owning a website is a …

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Graphic Optimization – How to Increase Website Traffic Through Photos

Src: Freepik Did you know that as many as 63.4% of the content on the internet is an image? This is probably because people's photos, food, but also abstract images affect the users more strongly than the text block itself. It is because from photos we know more about the subject of the site or more …

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Happy Easter

Src: Freepik.com On the occasion of Easter, I wish all the readers of my marketing blog, the marketers and communicators, and everyone who came to my site by accident (I hope they visit me again), all the best. Let this time bring you a little respite from the daily chase and numerous duties and a …

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5 SEO activities that do not more make sense to use

Src: designed by Dooder - Freepik.com I hope you already know that search engine algorithms change frequently. Some people claim that even daily, see LINK. If you want your site to stay high on the search engines, better if you know what is not working recently, what actions you should refrain from losing your position. …

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bla bla bla – Affiliate network

Src: designed by GraphiqaStock - Freepik.com        Affiliate marketing involves the cooperation of advertisers and partners. The first one delegates the execution of marketing activities on numerous independent marketers, let's call their partners (also called affiliate). They are paid only for the effects of their work, ie for example the customer's entrance to the …

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April Fools’ Day 2017

Src: GraphiqaStock - Freepik.com Snapchat Let's start with Snapchat, who has decided to add a filter within the fool ... as an Instagram window view. Yesterday, after taking a photo with the application, users swiping left or right had a filter that looked like an Instagram entry. The photo was cropped squarely and a white …

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