bla bla bla – Advertising in the e-mail

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     Since the beginning of the Internet we have seen widespread changes in every area of life (the Internet slowly displaces TV, radio). Another example that changes the teleinformatic aspects is email.

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How Self-Optimizing Could Help You Win the Game of Thrones


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One of the five factors of failure in startups is lack of or incorrect marketing. It’s hard to believe, but there are companies that do not have a home page. Most of those who have, do not use positioning and limit themselves to the address of the page on the business card, which in turn means zero traffic on the page. In this article i will show you how easy can be SEO, and how much you can do alone.

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bla bla bla – marketing and internet




Today we observe how technological factors, including the development of new information and communication technologies, including the Internet – a global computer network, affect changes in almost every field of life.

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