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Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to help your clients prepare something special for their mothers. This month we celebrate this day, so this is the last moment for our email marketing campaigns.

I have written about email marketing HERE, where you can find out what it is and get to know its definitions.

Days like mother’s day, women’s day, or kid’s day, are a must for marketers to prepare for the campaign, a great opportunity for your company to prepare a tempting offer. I hope I do not have to add here that in this kind of marketing days the game is on the feelings.

According to the latest study in the United States alone there are 85.4 million Mam. That’s why Mother’s Day campaign should be one of the major events in your marketing calendar. (1)

Today I want to give you some tips to help you prepare an effective Mother’s Day email marketing campaign.

Do you know what we want to receive?

Before you go to prepare your offer, take a look at the list of the 10 most popular gifts we have received. We have prepared by Statistic Brain:

Something Homemade 36%
Dinner 34.8%
Greeting Card 31.5%
Gift Cards 24.7%
Flowers 22.5%
Jewelry 11.2%
Books 10.1%
Spa 7.9%
Clothing 5.6%
Music 5.6%
Movies 5.6%
Travel 4.5%
Electronics 3.4%

These statistics are from the US in 2015. Before you start your campaign you should know your target group, which can vary by location, social class, age, etc.

Of course you should not focus solely on Moms, prepare a campaign for your subscribers. Encourage your customers to purchase the right discounts, special offers and additional gifts – little things are often of great importance. As we know, buying is also a feeling as to how we treat a customer, whether we are treated personally and eg with special attentions. If you do not know how to do it, read about selling luxury articles.

Try to increase your profits by using bundles, such as a gift for Mom and Mother-in-law – choose one product and get 30% discount on the other. You can also offer free shipping when you purchase two products.

Take the time to properly promote your campaign: prepare dedicated landing pages and schedule your newsletter. It is also useful to send reminders to customers – some may be distracted and may even be able to forget about Mother’s Day.

Help your customers choose the best

On this day everyone would like to give something special to his mother. Delivered gifts are so popular because their preparation takes time and effort – and they take on a personal character.

Offer personalization – engage your clients in the process and let them prepare their own gift.

For more information, see infographie below. Use 7 tips to prepare your email marketing campaign will make a smile on every Mom’s face.

  1. Think about all mums, also those whose children can not yet make their own wishes.
  2. Plan longer campaigns. Every mum enjoys when children remember the day of the holiday. Help your clients to take care of relationships before and after the mother’s day.
  3. Send emotion. Do not be afraid to express your feelings – it is Mother’s Day! Every message should be warm with a strong emphasis on feelings. The campaign should have a formal, not necessarily formal, understanding of the role of mother in human life.
  4. Do not forget to prepare something special for your customers to make that day. Discount, special offer or additional gift may encourage you to purchase. If you run content marketing for a good play, there is a separate post about gift ideas for example, sorted by price. Of course if your offer includes good for women.
  5. Use user content. Engage your subscribers in the communication process, become an integral part of the campaign.
  6. Special offer – personalization. Have ideas for the perfect gift and give your customers the opportunity to personalize it. The pointy products offered are unique and dedicated to each mom individually.
  7. Remember the most anticipated gift. Mostly I have to sacrifice more of my family energy and make countless tasks every day thinking of the near future. Remind subscribers that often the best gift is just the time for themselves. A day at the spa, dinner at your favorite restaurant or sometimes even a relaxing moment while reading can be the best gift, especially for mums with very little children. Hmmm I know this from autopsy, so believe me, I know what I write;)

I hope this short article will inspire you to a new and better campaign. Wish you good luck.

(1) Mother’s Day Statistics, LINK



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