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Today we observe how technological factors, including the development of new information and communication technologies, including the Internet – a global computer network, affect changes in almost every field of life.

Since the 1990s, the Internet has been recognized as a medium for facilitating communication with customers. Over time, the strong position of traditional media, ie TV, radio, has been strongly shaken. The rapid development of social networking sites, new ways of online advertising has resulted in a new, more advanced marketing communication channel (promotion) in the hands of advertisers. It is believed that Internet marketing started in 1994, when HotWire first sold its banner (1).

The biggest benefit of online advertising is immediate publicationand reaching out to the recipient. However, the most important is the ability to quickly study and analyze the effectiveness of its operation. Due to the extensive possibilities of investigating the impact of advertising, we observe how this form changes and evolves.

Until recently, the most popular advertising on the Internet was the banner. Today we follow the beginning of a new form of advertising (megabanner, pop-ups, interstitilas and many more). Until recently, a commercially available tool was only available for the largest companies, and today even the smallest manufacturer with a very limited budget has the opportunity to make an effective advertising for example in social media. You may find that even the smallest entrepreneur has or may set up his online store.

Each of these companies participates in the most effective research and exploitation of network capabilities for marketing purposes. However, it is not enough to have a website or a store, and you also need to know how to spread the website to reach the customer. In recent years we have seen how much the buyer has changed, which is no longer responding to the urgent advertising, today also promote the product must also be information, and not only from one source.

Under conditions of slowdown in the world economy, it is becoming more difficult to sell the product, however, the Internet gives the opportunity to reach not only local but also not so far inaccessible.

(1) Kaye B.K., Medoff N.J., Just A Click Away: Advertising on the Internet, Allyn and Bacon, Massachusetts 2001, s. 34.


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