How Self-Optimizing Could Help You Win the Game of Thrones


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One of the five factors of failure in startups is lack of or incorrect marketing. It’s hard to believe, but there are companies that do not have a home page. Most of those who have, do not use positioning and limit themselves to the address of the page on the business card, which in turn means zero traffic on the page. In this article i will show you how easy can be SEO, and how much you can do alone.

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of activities designed to prepare the site to be able to achieve the highest position in the search engine results with the search engine rules.

How does Google works?

Google algorithm constantly evaluates all the pages on the web for quality and relevance to each keyword. How easy it is to notice, to a large extent – the position of your site in the ranking depends on the content of your website, how long the text is, how much it absorbs, and how much it is worth. Other factors it’s the correctness of coding, which about I will write here as well.

Lets start!

  1. Start Title with Keywords – u will find, that your title tg is the most important on-page SEO element. If you focus on the key-words in ferst words in title, u will find higher ranked than those with the key words in the middle or end of the title.
  2. Make friendly permalink URLs – you page’s URL should be short and with the key words. Avoid URLs with long without message – words title with numbers and mean nothing words.
  3. Use outbound links – like what am I doing now… I’m adding links to related pages. An industry study by SEOWIZZ.NET found, that if you remember to add external links to authority pages, you will rank higher in the rankings, as a site that is supported by good content. What i mean by site with authority? University websites such as Oxford, Harvard; If you are looking for definitions to lean on wikipedia knowledge, of course write with your own words and add a link.
  4. Drop key word in first 100 words – Remember to use the long tail, I wrote about  HERE
  5. Write title in an H1 tag – H1 tag it’s your headline tag. Most platforms, such as the ones I use on this blog, ie WORDPRESS, add a tag automatically when creating a page. Some pages prepared by, for example, agencies have to be supported by code. Then you should read more about how it is done. Make sure your website has H1 in the title tag.
  6. Take care of the weight of the page – I guess you know how frustrating it is to wait for the page to load. Do not overload pages with heavy graphics, make sure you optimize your graphics, reduce their weight as much as possible, keeping in mind their quality. Images save in jpg. Remember that it is often possible to use gif and still graphics will be of good quality.
  7. Post long content – Exhausted topic, write everything you know, blog is not twitter, do not limit you the number of characters. Give the recipient the value.
  8. Scial Sharing Buttons – I will surprice you, but social media are becoming a important indirect part of increase your search engine rankings.


I was trying to describe here in the biggest light the factors that are not used to keep your web site far behind for your competition. There are a few other things you should know about, such as what title and Meta Description Tag are interesting for people looking for content, how to start writing articles to be sure that it’s  better than those who already occupy the first place, you should know your audience, if it’s the X or Y generation, and what that means in practice, understanding age or culture. Regardless of the range of knowledge you have, I have to congratulate you on the fact that you wanted to end this article and wish you success on the way to the top of the search engines. 🙂


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