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     Since the beginning of the Internet we have seen widespread changes in every area of life (the Internet slowly displaces TV, radio). Another example that changes the teleinformatic aspects is email.

      Anyone who uses a computer connected to the Internet is using e-mail boxes nowadays. Owning a website and email nowadays is almost an essential form of contact with a client in every field of business. Electronic mail was invented in the 1960s. In the original form, they were messages left on one computer for many users, like some notes left on your computer. In 1971 Ray Tomlinson sent the first text message to another computer.(1)

    E-mail (sometimes emailed as email) is one of the basic ways to communicate on the Internet. Mailing consists of sending text messages, graphical voice, video added as attachments to the recipient’s address. The list must include the recipient from which the mailbox is sent and the recipient to which the message is delivered / sent. The message has been posted and received using special mail programs (computer), application (phone, tablet).(2)

The e-mail feature is its asynchronous, it does not happen in real time. (3)

      Since the beginning of the Internet we have seen widespread changes in every area of life (the Internet slowly displaces TV, radio). Another example that changes the teleinformatic aspects is email. It caused almost a “mockery” of ordinary mail to the basic activities that still have to take place today through the traditional form of dispatch. Any urgency, summons, or courthouse mail must be sent in the usual way, but all sorts of postcards, notes, and letters are sent electronically in an easy and fast way. And do not be surprised by this process. The time to reach the news, despite many changes in the post offices, is still disproportionately faster. Messages to mailboxes can be sent even if the recipient is not currently using the service, or the computer is off. (4)

    Exemplary email application: ongoing communication, maintaining constant contact, building relationships, enhancing brand awareness, – service information – transactional confirmations, customer service – information about the offer, quality and product properties, direct marketing. Very soon the entrepreneurs understood and appreciated the strength they are having with the opportunities offered by electronic mail. The time the e-mailed by the trader has caused has accelerated in every area of ​​life and work. Never before has the form and ease of reaching the customer been so quick. E-mail marketing is in the simplest form of advertising sent to consumers on their mail accounts. It may have several variations. The most common type is a graphical advertisement sent directly to the user and displayed on his computer screen in the mail program window. There is no standard ad size for mail image ads. The only limitation is the size of the advertised file in kilobytes. This size is often related to the price of this type of advertising.(5)

Because sending an ad electronically to a strictly targeted audience is cheap, e-mail marketing can afford small businesses as well as those who are just beginning their business and also do not have too much money to run advertising activities. This was and still is the most common form of advertising. It is important to have an already prepared customer base.

Email marketing is a form of spreading leaflets, but in the virtual space. Instead of mailing a traditional flyer or dropping it into a mailbox, you can send the ad via email.

However, you must distinguish between email marketing and regular spam.

In web terminology, spam also defines information that is also sent to email but does not contain any specific content. In email marketing, it is about the recipient’s interest in his / her offering and calling it a specific action.

So e-mailing is a form of advertising that allows you to reach a mass audience. The technical limitations are negligible in this case. Sending information to eg 100 users – from a technological point of view costs little less than sending them to a hundred thousand.

However, the effectiveness of advertising messages sent to an unidentified recipient is not only low, but can have the opposite effect – as a result, it will be perceived as annoying spam.

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