Marketing on shorts

Src: Lexamer - Forms of marketing All the variations and examples of marketing activities listed below are the results of a selection process that was based on subjective judgment (ie, one resultant: universality, popularity, effectiveness). More specifically, I have overlooked all the marketing concepts that do not play a major role now, ie their time …

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New Facebook tools

Src: Freepik The most popular gaigant social media is not lagging behind and adapting to market changes. In recent weeks, Facebook has "groomed" the best of every social service using its financially advantageous and competitive number of users. Facebook Video starts to divert YouTube, and video content natively uploaded to Facebook reach far better organic reach …

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Marketing in 2015 – Social media – statistics

Src:  Freepik Most marketers agree on the important role they play in social media marketing campaigns. This conviction is confirmed by numbers - now on average 11% of all digital budgets are spent on social media (source: MarketingProfs). Media Post estimates that spending in the US alone will amount to $ 9.7 billion in the …

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Online analytics in e-commerce

           Imagine, you are a proud owner of a new shop on the internet, and see potential customers filling their shopping carts. However, your pride can quickly turn into frustration, when you observe that a majority of them decide to leave the shop, instead of actually purchasing the goods in their cart, and you do …

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Marketing Analyst – Data Collection and Analysis

Src: Dooder - With the increase number of channels of communication with consumers and the ability of marketers to collect data, marketing analysts are gaining in importance. The effectiveness of the campaign may be determined by the ability to properly use conversion data for sent emails, traffic sources, leads, or engagement in social media. Marketing …

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First blog post

Hello. I'm Ewa. The idea of running a blog has already appeared a few years ago, but was consistently set back due to lack of time. However, the moment finally when I had to stay at home because of some "small reason" growing in my belly. It was inevitable to slow down the pace and in the final weeks …

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