What is bounce rate and how to interpret it?


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You start your business in the virtual world. You put a page, a shop, a blog. You want to have excellent results. You apply for help to an interactive agency or you conduct activities on your own. Your website is already linked to Google Analytics. Excellently! And now it’s time for a common sense approach to the factors that determine the quality of data collected by the most popular analytical tool. Let’s overexpose the bounce rate!

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Data analysis – how to conduct


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This entry is intended to show you a brief, step-by-step process of preparing a typical data analysis. The next stages of the analytical task will be explored and the basic actions taken in each of them. Of course, there are several or dozens of different actions within each stage, which does not mean that they are performed every time. Choosing the right techniques and tools for analysis requires experience and a sense of the one hand not to overstate detail, and not to be too general on the other.

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Online analytics in e-commerce




       Imagine, you are a proud owner of a new shop on the internet, and see potential customers filling their shopping carts. However, your pride can quickly turn into frustration, when you observe that a majority of them decide to leave the shop, instead of actually purchasing the goods in their cart, and you do not understand why. You are not alone, about 70% of customers do not deal with transactions. In this article you will learn what kind of basic mistakes can be avoided by analyzing information about your client.

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Marketing Analyst – Data Collection and Analysis


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With the increase number of channels of communication with consumers and the ability of marketers to collect data, marketing analysts are gaining in importance. The effectiveness of the campaign may be determined by the ability to properly use conversion data for sent emails, traffic sources, leads, or engagement in social media.

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