bla bla bla – Content marketing (CM)

Smr: designed by Blossomstar - Content marketing (CM) offers an effective way to reach customers directly interested in your business. It acts as marketing, which catches the attention of the consumer who is looking for information on a given topic. These are often important, absorbing, informative information. (1) Another definition content marketing: it's a marketing technique that …

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Myth of content marketing

Src: Biznes wektory designed by Dooder -       If you follow my blog, you probably already noticed how focused on SOCIAL MEDIA, so it will not surprise you with my opinion of how important social media is in modern marketing. Despite its high effectiveness and high publicity, this marketing method is used relatively infrequently …

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5 errors in Content Marketing that can be avoided by automation

Src: Freepik Before the new year goes well and we forget about the New Year's resolutions, let's add another one that we will stick with. Let's fix some of the mistakes that most often happen in content marketing. 1. We do not identify with the customer It is often the case that companies are starting …

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