How to find an influencer? – Platforms for collaboration with influencers


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It has been said that bloggers have bad PR. Vlogs are for teens. Instagrams or snapshots are kids scouring the web. But what about influencers? People who influence the reception of content on the web and can help your marketing?

You can not read blogs, do not watch vlogs and pics on Instagram. But you can use people who can use these channels. Together with them create great marketing. Action with Influencers – influential people who can support your company’s marketing. No matter if they are on blogs or vlogs – their impact on Internet users is important.

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Not acceptable for blogger


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Can working with a blogger be difficult? It turns out that yes – even in spite of the best wishes, there are often unsuccessful cases. Suggestions for entries – barter, claim or sending ready-to-publish texts: These are just some of the reasons why bloggers reject advertisers. Today a few words about how to avoid mistakes in communication with bloggers and to establish successful cooperation.

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