The Ways Effectiveness of Marketing Promotions Can Make You Rich


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Every business should know the costs and activities and what impact these actions have on the target group. For this, you need a specific portfolio, goals, and the amount of investment your company will need to meet in order to achieve those goals and ultimately evaluate the effectiveness of those activities.

Effectiveness is understood as the percentage by which goals were met and effectiveness – the difference between the achieved effect and the costs used to implement them. It may happen that action can be effective, but not effective at all. We distinguish between four stages of assessing the effectiveness of marketing activities:

  1. Establish quantitative targets,
  2. Building a monitoring system,
  3. Data analysis to help separate the effects of the test activity from others,
  4. Assessment according to certain standards.

Many of the biggest companies like Coca Cola, McDonalds and Sony have such great recognition that they do not care about efficiency but they like to reminds the customer about themselves, so they invest in so- Branding advertising. In this case efficiency is not the overriding goal; these types of companies are looking for even stronger branding in the customer’s mind.

In the case of micro and macro companies, the investment in advertising for the entrepreneur’s intention is quite different. For such entrepreneurs, a method is needed to measure the effectiveness of the promotion. In the case of online advertising, the matter is not complicated, so use the programs available such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads (Facebook ads) to provide us with accurate data. This allows us to easily assess the effectiveness of an ad and decide whether to continue investing in it.

However, in order for your ad to be effective first you must properly formulate the goals your business will strive for. You can also use the concept of S.M.A.R.T. (Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely defineg).

Equally important is understanding that building a brand is an endless process. One-off advertising, even the most expensive one, is just a waste of time and money. According to Michael Böhm, a strategic concept tailored to the company is to achieve lasting results. “The goal is always to create a particular brand and take care of it.” The author also suggests that a common mistake is the lack of a comprehensive understanding of the reality of the business from which the company should start an effective marketing business on which to base the strategy. “First of all you need to address the company with all its divisions and then analyze your products, customers, current and current advertising and competition.”

According to the author, start with a SWOT analysis, then market, rank products according to the BCG matrix, then define your customer, analyze your existing ad, your competition, your main goals, your target audience and start marketing your marketing composition.

The most common mistake is the ill-prepared preparation of marketing strategy.

It is extremely important to identify the target audience to which the product will be targeted. Equally complex is the lack of specialized staff. Usually, for financial reasons, a small company will not get the agency’s advertising campaign. Usually all marketing activities are outsourced to one employee who has the task of dealing with every aspect of the campaign, very often the person is not qualified in any field, such as online store, fan page on Facebook, Instagram profile, SEO activities, which in turn results in worse effect than intended, in all of these fields are unworked and neglected. It is difficult to require that one employee can be a specialist of everything.

The next problem is not enough knowledge and awareness of entrepreneurs about the importance of marketing on the Internet.

A person who does not follow information about e-marketing industry is difficult to understand the principle of how tools work on the web. The lack of diversification of brand promotion sources on the internet is another problem. The entrepreneur forgets that the more extensive and varied the promotion, the better the chance that the customer will know about our product (brand). Entrepreneurs most often limit themselves to a web site that is not backed by anything, and as a result no one reaches it, without any SEO / SEM activity and really strong competition, in the long run contributes to the loss of the potential customer. The small professionalism of the company in the long run brings the opposite effect. And finally, there is no correct action in Social Media, behind which there is no update, basic information that discourages and restricts Facebook.

Communication with the customer itself can also cause many difficulties. The introduction of redundancy (intentional excess content, which provides the ability to receive a message) allows the recipient to better understand the message, reduces the impact of negative interfering factors, including those related to information noise, through which the content of the content increases.

Modern marketing, in addition to creating a high quality product, setting an attractive price for it and ensuring its availability, also requires communication, understood as an interactive dialogue with existing and potential customers, suppliers or distributors.

This means that every company or every manufacturer must be inextricably involved in the role of communicator and promoter at the same time, and in this sense it acts as a set of information from different sources to the marketing environment. Not understanding this fact or omitting one of the factors may not allow enough brand promotion and ultimately cause slow death of the brand or in the initial stage make the lack of cognitive aspect for the customer.

5 news from Facebook


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Stories, new Camera, support for fundraising and location sharing – how are the new features that this week announced Facebook? Check yourself.

Facebook is constantly working on new features for its applications. In addition to blurring sensitive content on Instragram – an app that bought Facebook in 2012, five new features were officially announced.

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Marketing analysis – what contain and most common mistakes


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What are the guidelines for choosing marketing activities? Put on intuition and count on “it must go” (and if not, it will come up with something else, the budget will find). And maybe imitate the competition and thus use the ripped paths (the better it went, then we will do the same, but two three times better). You can also approach the whole topic very pragmatically preceding the decision analysis. Personally, I am a follower of the last method.


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bla bla bla – Search Engine Optymization (SEO)



      With the emergence of first search engines and web pages, the process of positioning the pages began. The positioning and optimization process comes from the English words Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is an advertising activity that results in the highest position of a page for a search word or a sentence in a list of pages found by a search engine crawler. (1) 

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bla bla bla. Effective promotion – 6 stages


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For the promotion to be effective it is recommended to include six stages, discussed in the book by “Marketing” by J. Musiałkiewicz, ie:

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bla bla bla. The essence, goals of marketings promotion



Im observing the internet and I drew attention to the fact that there is very little elaborate literature on marketing. With new year im starting with a glossy academic material with a broad sense of marketing and its constituents. I hope that the knowledge presented in Fridays will not only be interesting for students who are looking to copy the texts for analyzes needed for study, but also interesting people of this subject.

The overriding task of most companies is to realize the mission and goals of the company, which in a developed and intense competition environment is not an easy task. It is imperative to recognize the paths and places in the market that will fit the product or service that are produced by the company, develop new ways to manage the company and the staff, and the promotion channels. Marketing and its methods penetrate the whole process of thinking and managing the company, covering all levels, without it there is no right to be a product on the market. The following article will describe the basic definitions of marketing and what it consists of.

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Best Marketing Bloggers in 2015


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What to read to be up to date? Where to look for inspiration? What to keep in order not to have shortcomings? Nowadays, besides the paper editions, which fortunately still do not go away, it is worthwhile to follow blogs, especially the best ones.

Best blogs… so which one?

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