Graphic Optimization – How to Increase Website Traffic Through Photos


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Did you know that as many as 63.4% of the content on the internet is an image? This is probably because people’s photos, food, but also abstract images affect the users more strongly than the text block itself. It is because from photos we know more about the subject of the site or more confidently make the purchase decision of the product. But can images improve the position of our site in the search engine and how to properly take up positioning of images?

Effective positioning does not end with the text itself. Find Out What Proper Graphics Optimization Does and What It Can Benefit. If photos are an important part of your site or you own an online store – our guide was created specifically for you.

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5 SEO activities that do not more make sense to use


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I hope you already know that search engine algorithms change frequently. Some people claim that even daily, see LINK. If you want your site to stay high on the search engines, better if you know what is not working recently, what actions you should refrain from losing your position.

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bla bla bla – Search Engine Optymization (SEO)



      With the emergence of first search engines and web pages, the process of positioning the pages began. The positioning and optimization process comes from the English words Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is an advertising activity that results in the highest position of a page for a search word or a sentence in a list of pages found by a search engine crawler. (1) 

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7 Things About Key Words Your Kids Don’t Want You to Know


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Key phrases – bloggers like me do not sleep at night to select the most optimal phrases. We know not from today that well-chosen key words can turn your web site high into search engines. Understanding the properties and meaning can help you to better select key words. In today’s article I will explaine  7 types of key phrases. Are you sitting comfortably ? Coffee ready? Here we go…

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SEO for small businesses – how to do it



Probably you’ve already met while reading about effective marketing for your website with SEO- Search Engine Optimalization. It signifies any action that is taken to make a page appear in Google’s search results as high as possibleIt is extremely important for businesses to be on top 10 web after serchink in eg. google. It is believed that the best results will come from outsourcing SEO activities to a specialized  agency. That’s true, but it’s an expensive decision. For this reason, it is worth looking at how positioning works so that you can do a lot in this matter on your own.

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SEO – you can do it!


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In my opinion, it is not true that a single person without a backdrop is not able to position his or her own side. Well, it is possible to do it alone. And this does not apply only to the lightest slogans like “sheep grazing in the Bieszczady Mountains”, but it also affects phrases that are considered moderately difficult and sometimes difficult.
Positioning, as has been said many times, is not just setting the phrase in google. It’s rather the whole process of website promotion; But first of all, improving the position of the search engines (which would not write without a good place in the search engines even for light phrases is hard.

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Marketing on shorts


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Forms of marketing

All the variations and examples of marketing activities listed below are the results of a selection process that was based on subjective judgment (ie, one resultant: universality, popularity, effectiveness). More specifically, I have overlooked all the marketing concepts that do not play a major role now, ie their time has not yet come, or perhaps by definition does not seem to be worth the note.

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