April Fools’ Day 2017

Src: GraphiqaStock - Freepik.com Snapchat Let's start with Snapchat, who has decided to add a filter within the fool ... as an Instagram window view. Yesterday, after taking a photo with the application, users swiping left or right had a filter that looked like an Instagram entry. The photo was cropped squarely and a white …

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What Experts Are Saying About Snapchat

Src: designed by Dooder - Freepik.com What is Snapchat?, how it works?, what threats it has?, how to use it?, and why it's the disappearing images that fascinated and attracted more than 100 million Internet users?. If you start with Snapchat and have many questions of this type, theny you are in right place. What is Snapchat? …

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History of social media

Scr:Makyzz - Freepik.com We live in times when social media is very common in our lives. We have long since ceased to wonder how it all started. It turns out that their story is not as short as it may seem. In addition, everything seems to indicate that the real revolution can still be ahead …

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