5 news from Facebook


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Stories, new Camera, support for fundraising and location sharing – how are the new features that this week announced Facebook? Check yourself.

Facebook is constantly working on new features for its applications. In addition to blurring sensitive content on Instragram – an app that bought Facebook in 2012, five new features were officially announced.

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Hashtag – what is this?


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The fact that today hashtag is one of the most popular characters in the world, everyone knows everyone already. The power of the hashtag is used by major brands. And besides, the symbol itself has become a daily bread in communication. If you do not use the sign every day, it’s time to learn a little more about it.

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Automate actions on Instagram


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Not everyone likes apps. There are people who feel the best in front of the computer. And here comes the problem: Instagram is an app! The quality of the pictures on Instagram is important, I wrote about this HERE, and not always the picture taken by the phone is  good quality, somebody wants to publish their portfolio taken with a normal camera and sometimes corrected on the computer. And what to do with this… Can I publish on Instagram other than by phone? Not everyone knows that the automation of Instagram operations is possible. You do not have to mess around with photos or graphics from your computer to your smartphone every day, so you can post them on Instagram. Do you want to know the tools that will help you? Please read this post.

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Instagram on Windows 10



Windows 10 users can now conveniently use Instagram. It just debuted the official Microsoft application.

The first mention of Instagram on Windows 10 came early this year, when Mark Zuckerberg announced that on the Microsoft platform will debut new applications, including Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

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How to find an influencer? – Platforms for collaboration with influencers


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It has been said that bloggers have bad PR. Vlogs are for teens. Instagrams or snapshots are kids scouring the web. But what about influencers? People who influence the reception of content on the web and can help your marketing?

You can not read blogs, do not watch vlogs and pics on Instagram. But you can use people who can use these channels. Together with them create great marketing. Action with Influencers – influential people who can support your company’s marketing. No matter if they are on blogs or vlogs – their impact on Internet users is important.

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Social media – when publish?


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Among the administrators of brand accounts in social media is still popular is the strategy of “coffee, post, let’s have it from the head.”

It has been clarified that each brand should set individual hours for publishing entries depending on the nature of the industry in which it operates and consumer habits. All because the hour of publication of the post is inextricably linked to the amount of activity it causes. Since different webmasters use social medias at different times, it is important to diversify the time of adding entries so that as many users can see these entries.

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