Data analysis – how to conduct


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This entry is intended to show you a brief, step-by-step process of preparing a typical data analysis. The next stages of the analytical task will be explored and the basic actions taken in each of them. Of course, there are several or dozens of different actions within each stage, which does not mean that they are performed every time. Choosing the right techniques and tools for analysis requires experience and a sense of the one hand not to overstate detail, and not to be too general on the other.

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Marketing in 2015 – Social media – statistics


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Most marketers agree on the important role they play in social media marketing campaigns. This conviction is confirmed by numbers – now on average 11% of all digital budgets are spent on social media (source: MarketingProfs).
Media Post estimates that spending in the US alone will amount to $ 9.7 billion in the US alone this year.

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