Social media – when publish?



Among the administrators of brand accounts in social media is still popular is the strategy of “coffee, post, let’s have it from the head.”

It has been clarified that each brand should set individual hours for publishing entries depending on the nature of the industry in which it operates and consumer habits. All because the hour of publication of the post is inextricably linked to the amount of activity it causes. Since different webmasters use social medias at different times, it is important to diversify the time of adding entries so that as many users can see these entries.

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10 years of Twitter


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Since Twitter appeared on the web, communication has changed primarily. It is here that we can not only talk with friends, journalists, politicians or people in our industry, but also get information on what is going on here and now. Below you will find a handful of information about Twitter – history, distinctions, changes – I invite you to read more!

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The biggest social media blunder in 2015


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The post was made to stupefy stupidity. Look, have fun and break hands together over what the social media specialists have been thinking about in the past 2015. Get to the end because it’s really worth it.

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History of social media


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We live in times when social media is very common in our lives. We have long since ceased to wonder how it all started. It turns out that their story is not as short as it may seem. In addition, everything seems to indicate that the real revolution can still be ahead of us.

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