Myth of content marketing


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      If you follow my blog, you probably already noticed how focused on SOCIAL MEDIA, so it will not surprise you with my opinion of how important social media is in modern marketing. Despite its high effectiveness and high publicity, this marketing method is used relatively infrequently or for too little time to produce the desired effect. This is because of the basic misunderstanding of the concept itself. Misinterpretation of it results in large disappointments and rapid abandonment of further use. This misunderstanding applies to both small and micro businesses, large corporations as well as professionals in the advertising industry. The biggest misunderstanding of the concept of content marketing is that many people think that it works like this:

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bla bla bla. Effective promotion – 6 stages


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For the promotion to be effective it is recommended to include six stages, discussed in the book by “Marketing” by J. Musiałkiewicz, ie:

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Automate actions on Instagram


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Not everyone likes apps. There are people who feel the best in front of the computer. And here comes the problem: Instagram is an app! The quality of the pictures on Instagram is important, I wrote about this HERE, and not always the picture taken by the phone is  good quality, somebody wants to publish their portfolio taken with a normal camera and sometimes corrected on the computer. And what to do with this… Can I publish on Instagram other than by phone? Not everyone knows that the automation of Instagram operations is possible. You do not have to mess around with photos or graphics from your computer to your smartphone every day, so you can post them on Instagram. Do you want to know the tools that will help you? Please read this post.

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bla bla bla. The essence, goals of marketings promotion



Im observing the internet and I drew attention to the fact that there is very little elaborate literature on marketing. With new year im starting with a glossy academic material with a broad sense of marketing and its constituents. I hope that the knowledge presented in Fridays will not only be interesting for students who are looking to copy the texts for analyzes needed for study, but also interesting people of this subject.

The overriding task of most companies is to realize the mission and goals of the company, which in a developed and intense competition environment is not an easy task. It is imperative to recognize the paths and places in the market that will fit the product or service that are produced by the company, develop new ways to manage the company and the staff, and the promotion channels. Marketing and its methods penetrate the whole process of thinking and managing the company, covering all levels, without it there is no right to be a product on the market. The following article will describe the basic definitions of marketing and what it consists of.

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